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Decisions Based On Facts

Tempo Lecon helps customers navigate complex environments with sound economic theory, accepted research methods and the latest tools. 

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Finland's Leader in Economic Antitrust Services

Tempo Group was founded in 2007. We are the leading provider of antitrust economics in Finland and our experts have provided value added to economically sound policy making for nearly two decades. We are preferred partner of  choice when facing complex decision making situations requiring real analyses and our customers include major Finnish companies as well as government ministries.


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Decisions based on facts

Challenging Case Ahead?

Our economists are experienced, senior level professionals committed to providing You with the best expertise in the market. Furthermore, our unique academic affiliate team is Finland's strongest.

Competition Law

Competition Law

Competition authorities rely more and more on economic assessments when scrutinising commercial activities. Let's identify the correct economic arguments to win.

Dispute Resolution

Nothing is more important in damage cases than quantitative analyses about the counterfactual and subsequent estimates about the alleged damages.
Public Policy

Public Policy

Our focus is on employment, innovation and industry policies where the application of economics is natural and necessary.  We apply state-of-the-art quantitative methods to real world policy.

Impact Assessment

Impact Assessment

Our services include evaluation research, analyses of economic effects of legislation, strategy assessments and forecasting services.

Business Growth and Profitability?

A part of the Tempo Group, DatumPuls offers companies data-driven development services  based on proven economic theory and “hard” knowledge.  DatumPuls ia a very welcome alternative to traditional “soft” management consulting. 

Competitive environment

Competitive Environment

Prevailing competitive dynamics operating in your environment impact your position.

Competitive Advantage

Competitive Advantage

Competitive advantage always relies ultimately on something tangible that can be measured.

Company Valuation

Company Valuation

Investment banks strive to earn through transactions, we earn through facts.

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From Strong Analyses to Practical Solutions 

Our mission is geared to help deliver value and understand Your goals from day one. Whether you are embroiled in a judicial conflict, faced with a business critical decision or trying to navigate Public Policy heading into 2025,   TempoLecon's specialists will always seek to find practical solutions to your challenges.  Our guiding principle? Conclusions always follow the analyses, and not vice versa.

Toni Riipinen, CEO

Navigating antitrust environments varies even in EU countries. Dispute resolutions can be tricky and drag on endlessly.  Competition Law requires a knowledge of local market conditions and contacts within government. Let's aside some time to properly introduce ourselves and give examples of our recent cases.


Oletko se sinä?

Kiitos asiakkaidemme, toimintamme on kasvanut viimeisen vuoden aikana huomattavasti. On aika siirtyä Tempo v.2 maailmaan.  Etsimme sekä uransa alussa olevia ekonomisteja että kokeneita kehäkettuja.

Sote uudistuksesta

Vuosi on kääntymässä loppua kohti. Voimme kiitollisena todeta päässeemme olevamme mukana monessa mielenkiintoisessa hankkeessa. Eräs näistä liittyi tulevaan Sote-uudistukseen. Helsingin ja

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